Vía Ferrata de Sacedón

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How to get to the Via Ferrata de Sacedón?

Dubbed «Hell’s Mouth», it is an easy Via Ferrata (K2, being the hardest K6). It is located in the municipality of Sacedón on the waters of the Entrepeñas swamp. Therefore, it is 100 km from Madrid what comes to be 1 hour and a quarter of car. I leave you a small little plan:

Plano via ferrata de sacedon

It is a good alternative to canyoning near Madrid in the colder months, but you have to know that it can only be done from August 16 to January 14 for environmental reasons.

Material needed to make the Via Ferrata of Sacedón

The Via Ferrata has 4 bridges and a zip line, so you have to carry one cable pulley per participant (or a single pulley and a 40-meter rope to recover it each time), in addition to the harness, helmet, and via ferrata set,…..

By making Via Ferratas we are used to alpine landscapes. This time, the environment is more:… Seascape?

barranquismo madrid ferrata sacedon 7

Other activities near Sacedón

The via ferrata de Sacedon can be combined with the Via Ferrata de Priego or the Barranco de Poyatos, because to go to these two activities, you have to go through Sacedón. The via ferrata in Sacedon takes 2 hours including approach and return. (The activity itself is usually last an hour and a half), so it worth to do something else in the area.

+Info and booking :        Barrancoakenay@gmail.com       Cell phone: (+34) 608622404     

Via Ferratas:  Priego, Ventano del Diablo,  Huerta del ReyPasarela espeja, Sacedón.

Canyons:   Somosierra,   Portilla,    Ventano del diablo,    Arbillas,    Poyatos