Vía Ferrata de Huerta del Rey.

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How to get to via ferrata in Huerta del Rey

It’s in Huerta del Rey, as you’d expect.  And Huerta del Rey is in the province of Burgos, 200km from Madrid and 40k from Aranda de Duero.

The Via Ferrata is about 1km from the village heading north on the BU-925 road.

Acceso Huerta del Rey

The beginning is right next to the road and starts next to a sculpture of an Eagle that is going to  eat a rabbit.Inicio de la Ferrata de Huerta del Rey

You’ll also see one painted on a rock. The track goes by the painting.

Placa reconocible desde la carretera

Description of the Via ferrata de Huerta del Rey

Difficulty is valued as K3 (at most) and they say it takes between an hour and an hour and a half. It will depend a lot on the number of photos you take.  If you go with children, you should secure them with a rope in some paths.

Escalera de Cadena

Otherwise, you also have to make sure that you reach with your hands the cable above the Tibetan bridges that are about 1.7 m from the foot.

Puente tibetano

The most curious thing about this road is the cave, you enter on one side at ground level and you go out on the other about 2 meters above the ground, and it leads directly to a Tibetan bridge.


The track is interrupted mid-route. But following the road the Via ferrata begins again. We have to be careful to take the path that follows to the same level that we take. The one who goes up, takes us to the end of the via ferrata. We could do it the other way, but it would surely be more difficult: it’s always worse to go down than to climb. And above all we can find other participants in the opposite direction.

When we’re done, we walk straight to the road and get back to the car in a moment. As you can see, we’re very close to the road.


As a material, should  would take a harnes with an energy absorber for via ferrata and a helmet. But with children I would take a rope, and maybe also a pulley and a sling in case they don’t reach the cable of the Tibetan bridges.

Other activities near Huerta del Rey

As always, when we go out of canyoning or climbing «so far» from Madrid, we try to make the most of the day. In this case, the best option is to make the Via ferrata de La pasarela espeja, which is only a 15-minute drive away.


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