Via ferrata Madrid, Spain

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Would you like to challenge yourself with an adventure activity that does not require previous experience?

Ideal for friends, couples, birthdays, companies and much more…

You are invited to try the Via Ferrata experience!

Via ferratas close to Madrid

«Via ferrata» in English means «Iron pathways»

In the community of Madrid, there are none yet but we are lucky to have several Via ferratas near Madrid in the surrounding provinces.Via ferrata ventano del diablo K3

In Cuenca: Vía ferrata Ventano del Diablo

  • In Villalba de la Sierra (Cuenca)
  •  187km or 1h56′ from Madrid.
  • Difficulty K3 in the first tranches K4 in the 2nd.
  • 30 meters zip line
  • Price: 50 euros/person Minimum: 4 people

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In Cuenca: Vía ferrata Las Buitreras

Barranquismo Madrid Via Ferrat

  • In Priego (Cuenca)
  • 156km or 1h52′ from Madrid.
  • Difficulty : 3 tranches K2, K3 y K4
  • Price: 45 euros/person Minimum: 4 people

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In Cuenca: Vía ferrata El castilloPuente colgante en Fuertescusa

  • In Fuertescusa (Cuenca)
  • 171 or 2h10′ from Madrid
  • Difficulty: Piedra del castillo (K2), Asalto al Castillo (K4)
  • Price: 50 euros/person Minimum: 4 people


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In Burgos: Vía ferrata Huerta del ReyEscalera de Cadena

  • In Huerta del Rey (Burgos)
  • 202km  or 2h7′ from Madrid.
  • Difficulty:  (K3)
  • Child-friendly
  • Price: 40 euros/person Minimum: 4 people
  • Huerta del Rey+ Pasarela espeja: only 70€

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In Soria: Vía ferrata Pasarela espejaVia ferrata pasarela espeja

  • In Espeja de San Marcelino (Soria)
  • 196km or 2h16′ from  Madrid.
  • Difficulty:  (K4)
  • 35 meters zip line.
  • Price: 40 euros/person Minimum: 4 people
  • Huerta del Rey+ Pasarela espeja: Only 70€

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Guadalajara: Vía ferrata Boca del Infierno:

Vía ferrata de sacedón Boca del infierno


  • In Sacedón (Guadalajara)
  • A 100km y 1h15′ de Madrid
  • Difficulty: K2.
  • 40 meters zip line.
  • Child-friendly (over 120m)
  • Price: 35 euros/person Minimum: 4 people

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What’s a Via Ferrata?

It is a well-equipped track that allows you to move «easily» and safely through cliff walls using metal stairs, rack bridges, monkey bridges, zip lines and more, that helps move forward, while making scrolling more fun and spectacular. The Via Ferrata is also equipped with a cable that allows us to be secured throughout the whole track to prevent falls. We must be sure that we know the security principles in the Via Ferrata paths. If you do not know how to use the specific equipment for this activity and safety coefficients to prevent falls and other dangers, you may want to hire the services of a qualified guide who, in addition to the necessary equipment, provides you with security, as well as provide the necessary permits and insurance.

Difficulty of the ferrata tracks.

A scale has been established from K1 (The easiest ferrata route) to K6 (the most difficult ferrata route). The ferrata tracks near Madrid have a difficult between K2 and K4. The K4 ferrata tracks that are close to Madrid, all have an easier option (K2 or K3) in the vicinity: to warm up, or if any children come with us.

Material necessary to make the ferrata routes around Madrid.

From a safety point of view, to progress via ferrata you have to carry the following material:

Harness,  via ferrata lanyards with a tearing energy-absorption system ending in two carabiners (marked «K»), and helmet. In some cases you have to carry a pulley (if the track has a zip line). It could be that a via ferrata has a rappel at some point in the course, in which case we would carry a rope and a descent.

It may be convenient to carry a rope and descent, as a safety measure to be able to quickly leave the circuit. (Changes in weather, tiredness, etc.)

It is recommended to go with mountain clothes and shoes with good grip, adapted to the time of year, and to the weather forecasts. Depending on the lenght of the via ferrata, we may have to bring food, water, a headlamp … But all the vias ferratas described above can be done in between 2 and 3 hours, it would only need a little water in summer or a lamp if we enter in the afternoon in winter.

+Info and booking :       Cell phone: (+34) 608622404     

Via Ferratas:  Priego, Ventano del Diablo,  Huerta del ReyPasarela espeja, Sacedón.

Canyons:   Somosierra,   Portilla,    Ventano del diablo,    Arbillas,    Poyatos