Vía Ferrata Pasarela Espeja

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How to get there:

Head to the Village of Espeja de San Marcelino. Province of Soria (Casi Burgos) and about 200km from Madrid

To park, the most thoughtful thing seems to be, leave the car in the village. Totally, we’re going to walk the same distance before or after the track, and the truth is that it’s very little. As information, for activities after the Ferrata: there are nice bars in the village.

Accesos pasarela espeja

By the south-west exit of the SO-P 5111 stop on the first road that exits on the right. Follow the path to a white shed and just behind begins the via ferrata.

Inicio de la Ferrata Pasarela espeja

Description of the via ferrata.

There’s a first part you could skip if there’s little water in the river. If you want, one person can skip it and takes pictures of the others.

Ferrata Pasarela Espeja

The via ferrata continues along the riverbed.

Puente tibetano pasarela espeja

This part starts with Tibetan bridges.

Puente nepali en Pasarela Espeja

Alternate with staples on the walls.

There is a wall change (to the one on the left of the photo) that becomes more or less easy depending on the wingspan of each one. We have to secure the end of a chain with a ring so that we can get to the other side. Otherwise, our own anchoring cape prevents us from passing through.

Halfway there is an escape to get down to the riverbed and back down at the beginning.

Later, there is an escape above or we can face the «Alberto’s Step».  I liked to be prepared for everything. (Just in case…). This time I took a stirrup. It’s a pleasure to be able to put your feet wherever you want. The stirrup helps you comfortably wait for the other members of the group on the difficult step, and can be useful for those who arrive tired.

Via ferrata pasarela espeja

We leave the dark area using the green staples in a vertical path and we can choose between visiting the walkway, to the left or going towards the zip line to the right.


Via ferrata pasarela espeja

It can be done by each carrying a pulley or one for everyone, but in this case, it takes a rope to recover-the after each use.

At the end of the zip line we can end up walking along a few red dots on the stone that pass to the left of the zip line exit in a northerly direction. We can also cross the blue staircase that is coming out to the right and finish the road on the bridge.

Casi a final de la via ferrata Pasarela Espeja

From the bridge you leave to the right and to the village.

Pasarela espeja


They say it’s K4. Compared to Priego, it seems to me that this ferrata has more technical steps, but perhaps the Priego climb is more maintained. Each takes as long as it takes, but calculate an hour and a half or two. Doing the zip line with a single pulley slows down a bit….


Dissipators, zip line pulley, rope to recover zipline pulley. Gloves can protect your hands when we pull chains. Also carry some small carabiner that can enter the links of the chain, just in case.

Combinable with:

The Via ferrata in Huerta del Rey which is about 15 minutes by car.

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