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New offer!

Discover the best routes with snowshoes around Madrid with Akenay! We have a lot of routes prepared depending on the size and the level of the group, the time that you want to spend and the snow conditions. Call us and we will prepare a customized plan! From €25 per person!       Movil:  +34 608 622 404


Snowshoes allow us to walk on the snowy ground preventing that  we sink since they spread our weight on the their complete surface , also they avoid that we slip since they have steel tips in the lower part that stick in the snow or the ice. To walk with them we’ll use a couple of sticks. In this way, we can venture into stunning snow-covered landscapes in a safe way. It’s an exceptional experience within the reach of everyone.


Learning with us:

At Akenay we love that you leave our adventure knowing the basic principles of our favorite sports. You’ll decipher the  techniques involved and you will learn all the tricks so you can make routes with rackets in complete safety and taking full advantage of every movement avoiding getting tired more than necessary. In the case of snowshoe routes, the technique is very simple since it consist basically in walking helped by two sticks: You just have  at the same time move one arm and the opposite foot forward. The rackets have a system to lock on difficult steps and another to fit or maintain high heel when we climb slopes.


As we just have  seen, it is a very easy activity. This meants, that levels are set more by the duration of the tour than by the technical difficulty. Everyone can make our routes, with the only difference that some people will be more tired than others. The biggest difficulty tends to be to keep children calmed at the beginning of the trail so they’ll be able to finish the trail not too tired.


You can also visit magical places scattered around the Sierra de Guadarrama, which as you all know, is now a national park. Our itineraries are distributed between «El Puerto del Leon» and «El Puerto de Navafría». The mst common points of departure are: «Navacerrada» and «Cotos». Although we have total  flexibility of schedules, we must take into consideration that if we want to go to Navacerrada or Cotos, we will have to get up early on weekends to find a place in the car park.

What to bring?

We provide Snowshoes and poles. Participants need to bring warm clothes and boots. Don’t forget gloves and hat, and sunglasses and sun cream, including lip balm. Depending on the length of the route, it is convenient to bring some snacks or even a full picnic and drink. Although we almost always bring a Gopro camera, it ‘ll be great if you bring your own camera (or cellphone) as you’ll can take stunning photos. Finally, it is convenient to carry a backpack to store the extra clothes if the temperature raises.


In principle, we meet participants at the start of the route, but if necessary, we can arrange transport from Madrid, sharing vehicle with other participants or even with the  monitor of the activity.       Movil: +34 608 622 404